Travel Insurance

Winshen traveling, most people only take into account their air fare and accommodation as the only expenses they will incur.

However, they don’t consider that they might incur extra expenses should they fall ill in a foreign land or even have an accident. It is therefore important to have a travel insurance policy for your travels. Here are some factors to consider while picking an insurance plan for your travels.


One should consider the insurance plan while selecting insurance for their travels. Usually, an insurer will provide different kinds of plans. The kinds of insurance plans available for travelers usually include short plans which a recommended for one who is on a short tour which is for a limited period only. There are other plans which are annual, such kind of plans are suitable for those who travel frequently. There are also plans for groups such as travelling students travelling overseas or senior citizens travelling to visit their children. Knowing your travel needs and duration of travel will help you to select the best travel insurance for yourself.


Your travel destination will determine the size of the insurance cover that you take. This is because there are different costs to medical services in different countries. For example if you are traveling to countries such USA, Canada and the UK can result in one having to take out very expensive insurance covers because the medical services in such countries costly. However, medical services in countries like Sri Lanka are cheaper thus there being no need to take very big insurance covers.


The length of your travels will determine the kind of insurance plans you can pick from. A very long trip will beg the need for more comprehensive insurance cover while you are travelling. You might find the need to opt for an insurance plan that covers more than just medical cover when you are travelling for a long period of time. You might find the need to bundle in home insurance into the insurance to insure your home against loss or damages by fire or burglary while you were away.


You should be able to get reviews of whether your insurance company pays out its claims. Check whether the insurer has 24 hour toll free help lines and online emergency assistance. You should also consider the network of hospitals and payment options before buying their insurance plan. This will help you select the best insurance plan for yourself.


Your age and health history will determine the kind of insurance cover that you take while you are travelling. If you have certain health complications that need constant medication, it is important for you to take an insurance cover that is going to cover all your medical needs in case of an emergency.

Taking these factors into consideration while picking your travel insurance policy will definitely help you make the best decision.

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