The world offers a diverse range of flora and fauna. Most of the time people enjoy what can be easily seen. But beneath the surface of the earth, puerto princesa subterranean river there lie wondrous sights that captivate the mind. They are mother earth’s best-kept secret. Within the Philippines, in the capital city of Palawan, lies the protected sanctuary, the Puerto Princesa Underground River.

Famed as the second known longest underground river in the world, this river is a world heritage site. You can make unforgettable memories by hosting events at the underground river. This is what you have to look forward to when you visit the famous underground river.

The Diverse Flora and Fauna

Puerto Princesa Underground River snakes its way through cave formations made up of stalagmites and stalactites. St. Paul’s cave is such a cave that is more than 24 kilometers in length.

Entry can be achieved through the sea for up to 4.3 kilometers into the cave. The river’s lengcaveth through the cave is more than 8 kilometers long as it snakes through to deposit itself into the West Philippine Sea.

The fauna that exists in the subterranean national park is diverse, with right about 165 bird species spread through the park. The Blue-naped Parrot and the sea eagle are but just some of the bird species available. 30 mammal species and 19 reptile species are spread through the rich flora of the park.

Some of the notable animals in the park include the long-tailed macaque, the bearded pig, and the Palawan porcupine. The reticulated python, the Philippine woodland frog, and the monitor lizard represent some of the reptiles.

Nine bat species and the whip spider are but some of the animals you will find in plenty within the underground river. The marine life like the sea cow and hawksbill sea turtle are enjoyed within the coastal area. Over 800 plant species make this park their home, making home to a large number of fauna available here.

Reason to HosPuerto Princesa Underground Rivert Events in Puerto Princesa Underground River

The underground river is a memorable experience worth going through. A well-kept natural habitat is a perfect place for hosting events at the underground river. You can get such services from the Sailing Hotel tour package that allows you to host events at the location.

From family reunions to engagement parties, birthday parties and vow renewals, this is the perfect setting that will make for a memorable event. Embrace the serene environment and make memories that will last for ages to come in the underground river.…