In European countries like Hungary, Stag weekend, also known as Stag do, is usually done with various exciting activities during the daytime and some more fun at night. Gone were the days when Stag parties were only characterized by liquors and sexy nightlife to tease the groom-to-be.

Nowadays, such occasions are already celebrated by doing thrilling activities depending on the choice of the guys. If you are planning for the party, you may want to have your Stag Do in Budapest. StagShoot Gun Club will certainly be a good place for you and your friends to chill at while you spend some time together before the big day.

Organizing a Stag Do

men in suitsTo ensure that your party will be a successful and memorable one, there are some steps that you need to do. Therefore, planning ahead of time is necessary. This way, you can be sure that every detail of the party will be taken care of.

Number of attendees

The number of people who are attending your party is the first thing that you need to determine before you make any reservation. Since this is going to be your stag party, invite all your friends who are close to you so you can spend quality time with them before you enter the marriage life. Make a list of the participants so it will be easier for you to send out the invitations or inform them about the party.


StagShootWhen choosing a venue, it is important that you know what your guests would like to do during the party. Think of an activity that everyone will enjoy. If you are into guns and you want to have some thrill, you can have your Stag Do at the StagShoot Gun Club. From the weapons, shooting range, and local Budapest liquors that they are offering, you and your colleagues will surely have a good time.


Another important thing that you need to do when organizing a bachelor’s party is to set a budget. Once you know the number of guests, it will be easier to determine how much the party would cost you. Typically, all the attendees contribute a certain amount of money to cover the expenses. Appoint a treasurer and have him do the collection of contributions.

Once you have determined the number of attendees, venue, and budget, you can already start making reservations. Keep in mind that it’s better to make the booking way ahead of time to avoid the rush.…