Hiring a camping van is very efficient when you are going for camping. This is because it comes with most facilities from beds to a television set and even kitchen facilities. This makes your camping experience enjoyable since it’s like a ‘moving house.’ There are some five questions to ask before hiring the Camper Van Hire Scotland.

Questions to ask before hiring a camping van

Which camping van is the best for me?

The service provider will help you choocamping van toysse the best van. This will be after you tell them what kind of van you are looking for. More to that, you should also tell them how many people you are traveling with and how much luggage you will be carrying so that they give you the right size of the van. One should also know what kind of amenities they expect to have in the van. This will help them in deciding which van will best suit your needs. The provider should be in a position to explain why a particular van is suitable for your given needs.

What are the van’s specifications?

The provider should be able to tell you what kind of van you have selected. He should give you detailed information on the tank capacity, whether it is a four-wheel drive or not among other features that will be important in helping you know whether it will meet your camping needs. To ascertain this one should thoroughly inspect the car to ensure what the provider is saying about the car is the truth. One should also ensure that the car is not damaged before they are given.

What is the cost and what is included?

When hiring camping vans, one should ensure they have clear information on the costs involved. The major cost is the rental fee which is chargeable per day. This rental fee includes the relevant taxes and the cost of insurance. One should confirm whether there are other additional charges so that they make their decision with the full information on the cost. It is important to note that fuel is not part of the cost. Most companies give out the van when it has a full tank, and one is expected to return it after their trip with a full tank as well. You also incur the parking costs.

What special requirements should I meet?

Most providers expect one to have a valid driving license with several years of experience. Most companies also have an age limit to whom they rent out their vans to. It is important that one meets the needed requirements when hiring the van to avoid being turned away for not meeting their stipulated requirements or providing false information.

What are the terms and conditions for hiring the van?

camping with camping vanThis information should be provided in the contract signed by both of you. The contract will stipulate what is expected from you and what is expected from the service provider. This is a very crucial document that will protect you in case there is a problem. One should take their time and read through the contract to ensure they know the terms and conditions of the agreement they are getting into.…