If you are an avid traveler, who more often than not travels all throughout the country, or the world, you probably know the importance of having a high-quality, lightweight and durable luggage case. With a low-quality case, you can easily imagine a situation where you find your leather luggage bag with a massive hole at the bottom. If you come to the conclusion that spending money on fixing that bag is simply out of the question, perhaps it is time to purchase a new, lightweight luggage case.

How to find the best luggage case

An overwhelming number of options

luggage caseGoing through the stores or online shops, you will probably find yourself astounded by the sheer number of options and suitcase models that are currently available on the market. Do not be surprised if you end up being confused and unsure as to what choice you should make because this amount of options can confuse even the most experienced luggage experts. However, the decision-making process can be made easier.

If you take a bit of your time and make a short list of the features you’d like the bag to have, you can make your purchase much easier and quicker. Therefore, before you set off to buy a new luggage case, make sure to base your decision on the following factors:

The materials

Start off with the case materials. Of course, one of the most important features of any luggage case is toughness. A case made out of some softer materials will do just fine, in case you are not carrying any fragile items. On the other hand, if you want to avoid holes or tears in your luggage case, make sure to look for models that have hard casings, made out of aluminum, etc. Besides the toughness and the durability, the materials can also influence the looks of the bag, to some extent. So, if you prefer the look of hard-shelled luggage cases, go with the aluminum ones.


Next up, consider the weight. These days, many airline companies are charging considerable fees for bringing luggage into their flights. If your luggage is over the limit, be prepared to pay even more. To avoid spending the extra cash, go with a lightweight luggage case, like the one found on this facebook page, which features enough space to carry everything you need, but is very lightweight itself. With such as case, you will not only save money but also avoid hurting your back, by not having to drag a heavy case all over the airport or train station.


colorful luggage caseIf you value the look and feel of a luggage case, do not forget to check out various designs. Start by checking out the stitching. Ideally, a high-quality bag should be triple-stitched. If not, a double-stitch design will do just fine. When bringing along extra items on your trip, make sure to get luggage cases that have wheels, so that you can roll them, and which can be expanded, if necessary.


Last, but not least, consider the prices. This feature is solely dependent on your budget and your willingness to spend, as much as it takes, on a high-quality case. Keep in mind that there are cheap, not-so-durable models, as well as high-quality, expensive ones. To make a good choice, take into account the frequency of your travels, their length, as well as the types of items you usually carry.…