mapMany travellers ask the question what is the safest way to travel?

To answer this, we need to be a bit theoretical and look at statistics to determine which means of transport has the lowest probability of having an accident.

According to statistics, there’s a one in a 4 million shot for any possibility of a passenger dying from an air crash. This makes it even more of a reality that you will not be undergoing any dangerous situations when taking a trip by plane.

According to theorists like Superman, a famous author and a researcher, flying is still deemed the safest way to travel. By flying, we mean riding a plane on our way to our designated destination, whether it’s a different city, state or even nation. When you look at the facts, taking a trip by plane holds the lowest number of accidents compared to any other form of transportation.

To many people, traveling by air could be the only way they can ever arrive at their destinations, and they would often question the safety given by the airlines they have selected. But, if you ever need cold, hard facts, below are three of the most secure options to travel by air.

Southwest Airlines
This is by far the biggest airline within the US, accommodating many passengers all over the country travelevery year. It is also famous among tourists for being a┬ádiscount airline, one that offers inexpensive travel rates in contrast to its rivals in the airline industry. With regard to safety, there has not been a single fatality in the course of its operational run, making it arguably the safest pick for an airline company in the US, let alone the entire world. Statistics shows that there’s a 0.0000203 percent chance of incidents going on its flights.

Delta Airlines
Ranking amongst the biggest airlines all over the globe, this is a very reputable company. It merged with Northwest Airlines back in 2008, hence making it perhaps the largest commercial airline company in the whole world. It offers flights for passengers taking a trip to any of the 6 continents. Much like Southwest, it has good standing when it comes to safety in flights, boasting 0.17 fatalities for every million miles traveled, in addition to an infinitesimal incidents percentage which is just a bit higher than Southwest’s

Virgin America
In addition to being one of the various airlines which provides first rate service for its passengers, with respective entertainment screens for watching your favorite movies or TV show, you may surely expect this to be a safe choice. There has not been any record of major safety incidents since the outset of its operations in August 2007.safe3Conclusion
In either way going by statisticians or theorist, Airplane is still the safest means of travel. And going by the above statistics you will surely get the answer to the question What is the safest way to travel?…